Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 4 TFF2016: 'Bugs' and the Many Splendid Ways to Feast on Them

Ben Reade drinks honey from an African stingless bee at a farm in Uganda. Photos by V.W.


the mood for Chicken w/garlic crumbs in buffalo worms? How about fried noodles in black soldier fly larvae?

Not your cup of tea? It may be one day if the world fills up with too many people and there is not enough beef, for instance, to go around.

With this very plausible outcome in mind, “Bugs” makes a very compelling and sometimes queasiness-inducing case for the West to also turn to the world of edible insects as a future food source.

From Andreas Johnsen, the documentary has its world premiere this evening at the 15th annual Tribeca Film Festival. The engaging guides in “Bugs,” chef Ben Reade and researcher Josh Evans, trot the world over meeting people who eat a steady diet of insects of all kinds.

Perhaps maggot cheese is not your thing. Nor is tabouli with locusts. But it is very difficult to dismiss “Bugs” during a moment in time when the "industrialized" food of the West is making people sick and killing them.

Josh Evans and Ben Reade eat escarole tortilla at a Mexican farm.

More later. For now, a pictorial and video.

Sustainable farm (Uganda)

Maggot cheese (Italy)

Escamole w/vegetables (Mexico farm)

Escamole saute (Mexico restaurant)

Escamole tortilla (Mexico restaurant)

Queen Termite in nest (Kenya)

Queen Termite on leaf (Kenya)

Queen Termite on cooker (Kenya)

Queen Termite w/mango (Kenya)

Termites at market (Kenya)

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