Friday, April 8, 2016

'The Boss' Is Perfectly Awful and I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Kristen Bell, Ella Anderson and Melissa McCarthy&Co. stage a very hostile takeover in “The Boss.” Photo courtesy of Universal Pictures.

BY V. W.

knew going in that Melissa's McCarthy's “The Boss” would often be tactless, tasteless and awful. I did not care.

It is and I still don’t. I love it!

The film opens in U.S. theaters today.

In “The Boss,” MM is business mogul Michelle Darnell who climbed her way to the top and didn't grow squeamish when it was necessary to stomp on a few toes along the way. She's not a monster, just an orphan who was returned to the orphanage by at least three different families as if she were a defective toy.

A girl learns a lesson or three from such seminal experiences. One is to develop the motto "screw others before they screw you."

I am a Melissa McCarthy fan. Consequently, I signed up to screen her latest film, based on a sketch comedy character she created, with eyes wide open. Interspersed throughout this sketchy business, however, are moments tender and warm; outlandish and uproariously funny. Did I say I love it? … More shortly

“The Boss” is rated R for sexual content, language and brief drug use; visit to learn more about the film.

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