Thursday, June 9, 2016

Save My Bag Goes Both Ways – It Covers Your Bag and, Covers Itself. And Now It Has a Dream Deal

The Save My Bag suite. Photos courtesy of Dream Downtown.

On the fringes.

"Mine!" No, Mine!" "Mine!" No, Mine!" To be continued ...


you just love a happy accident?

Like when you are out and about and run into a favorite chum. You squeal in delight, hug and proceed to have a merry old time.

Stefano and Valentina Agazzi with some of their wares.

And when you buy two different frocks from two different designers at two different times and two different places – maybe even on two different continents – yet they go together like two peas in a pod?

Yet another happy accident is the three-year-old Save My Bag line from the imagination of Italian husband and wife design team, Stefano Agazzi and Valentina Agazzi.

Initially, the handbags were conceived to be the fetching fashionable pod that was to hold one's Birkin and other valuable (or invaluable) vessels, providing protection from problematic elements.

Scarves are among the accessories in the Save My Bag line.

Made in Italy from a polyfabric with neo-lycra fiber that embue them with elasticity and hold – plus keeps them as light as a feather – the handbags are rainproof. And machine washable.

But Save My Bag owners – those multipurposenous Misses (and Misters?) – began carrying it as the main bag. And born is another happy accident!

Save My Bag continued its conquest of the U.S. market a few days ago at a press preview on the intimate South Tower Terrace of Dream Downtown. The event marked the pomp and circumstance portion of the deal between Save My Bag and Dream Hotels in the United States. In short, the hotels (from coast to coast) will stock the bags in their boutiques.

SA and VA were on hand. SA: Italian-suave in brown derby hat, light blue jacket, light blue shirt with open white collar and white slacks.

Devices need to take cover, too.

Meanwhile, VA with the mien of a countess, was got up in white pumps and a flattering shift reminiscent of the pattern on those plates of blue plate special fame. One didn't inquire and she didn't say, but she looked pleased with herself. As she should be, considering the potential of her product and deal.

Stylewise, the Save My Bag line (including nifty accessories) runs to totes, weekenders, device covers and clutches. The color scheme tends toward lemon-yellow, orange-orange, pastels and basic primary colors. Around 30 hues. Fanciful prints are among the mix, too. And at price points for many under $200, they won’t beggar a body.

So, mama (and papa) can now get a brand new Save My Bag at a dream price at a Dream Hotel.

Pretty in meditations on pink.

Mine and Yours.

Save My Bag has it covered!

You may have any one of us you wish. Or all of us!

Visit to learn more about Save My Bag.

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