Thursday, July 7, 2016

Your Makeup Looks Great, and Men Love It. But You Are the Envy of Women and Worse

To some, women who wear makeup are considered more attractive but also less trustworthy. Photo from Charlotte Tilbury website.


feel good. And with good reason. It's a beautiful day. You're wearing one of your favorite outfits.

Your makeup is flawless.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Creme Foundation in Marino.

Do you realize, though, that women - the sisterhood - are more apt to think negatively of you, while you make quite the positive impression on men? If it's any consolation, both men and women do think you look good.

This is the case, according to recent first-of-its-kind research out of the University of Stirling in Scotland. Thoughts of this study have been on the brain these last couple of weeks or so. Every time these eyes alight on a woman wearing not a trace of makeup. But especially when they capture ones with a full face.

Prestige Primed & Ready Face Primer.

“While both sexes agree that women with makeup look more attractive when it comes to 'high status', it really depends on who is looking," says Viktoria Mileva, one of the study's authors and a post-doctoral research fellow. "Men think women with makeup are more ‘prestigious’, while women think women with makeup are more dominant."

The study is titled "Sex Differences in the Perceived Dominance and Prestige of Women With and Without Cosmetics." The results appear in the journal, "Perception." Researchers say theirs is the first to note the different perceptions of the sexes as it regards women who wear makeup.

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From the starting point of copious study that has found that women who use cosmetics generally have better jobs and make more money than those who don't, the researchers used computer software to add a moderate amount of makeup to the faces of women.

Then, they presented study participants with images of women wearing makeup and images of women not wearing makeup, asking them to rate their faces using variables such as attractiveness, dominance and prestige.

Accordingy, then, your painstakingly applied Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Creme Foundation (in Marino), giving you perfectly even skin, potentially marks you as a dominant type - someone willing to achieve ends through manipulation, for instance - in the eyes of some women.

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Take heart, because your pores and shine are diminished by Primed & Ready Face Primer from Prestige, and men are more likely to view you as someone with more prestige. That is, someone who has acquired your gains through merit.

In that case by all means wear your Inner Glow Delirium Cream Blush in good cheer, even if women are more likely to be jealous of all of the glam.

A recent article on, comparing the wives of tennis players Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych - Kim Murray and Ester Satorova, respectively, lends credence to these findings. KM, an artist, is mainly a stay-at-home mom, while ES is a supermodel-in-the-remaking. One can easily infer latent disapproval of the latter. (

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Perturbed by their initial findings, VM&Co. returned to some of the female participants for clarification. Some admitted feeling envious.

Also they may not think you at all chaste, though the Bang! Bang! (orange) from Melt Cosmetics is simply smashing on your lips.

Please don't cry and ruin your Blinc Mascara Amplified, albeit such perceptions are unfair. More important, however, they can have harmful ramifications.

“For example, at a job interview," suggests VM. "Knowing whether the hiring committee will consist of men or women might influence a female candidate's decision about wearing makeup. Whether the interviewers will view her as attractive, dominant, and/or prestigious can affect her and the interviewers' actions and perhaps the outcome of the interview itself."

Photo from Blinc website.

What's a girl to do? Of course, female interviewers may be wearing makeup, too. One can also pray for male interviewers.

Until the sisterhood can solve this ages-old intra-gender conflict, there are no easy answers. But one can't help but wonder whether Joe Blasco Neutralizer can smooth the way?

Visit to read "Sex Differences in the Perceived Dominance and Prestige of Women With and Without Cosmetics" in abstract form or in its entirety.

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