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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: You Can’t Carry Around a Magnum (Stocco or Otherwise) in Just Any Old Case. Think Inside the Box!

Stocco Wines has created special wood boxes for transporting its maganums. Photos from Stocco Wines website.

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magnum of wine is ready to hit the road. But how to transport it to the celebration? In style?

Out of the question is a paper or plastic bag. A wine-carrying tote is a couple of rungs up the ladder but rather blah. You’re getting warm with the notion of a gold or silver bag.

You are carrying a magnum, though. You wish to make a statement. For that, you need an elevated affair. Just the thing then, is the Stocco Magnum case.

The Italian winemaker, whose best practices are steeped in centuries-old traditions, has produced a custom wooden box for its magnum series: Botis, Doghis, Sericus, Roos dai Lens, Refosco dal Peduncolo, Rosso Ribolla Gialla Brut and Prosecco Extra Dry. It is made from a sturdy, blond wood with a fastener of some kind of hard medal and short handle made of what appears to be thin braided rope.

The carrier box bears the Stocco name and its logo – a sword that is also the family crest. Incidentally, “stocco” is derived from the Italian word for sword.

The Refosco dal Peduncolo
is loaded and ready to be locked.

Naturally, at some point the box will hold magnums that are not Stocco. However, it is not at all clear whether one can get one’s hands on a box without a Stocco magnum inside. But the good people at Stocco may part with a box – for a price, of course – unaccompanied by a signature magnum.

Can’t hurt to inquire, for the case is a looker. Happy carrying!

Visit to learn more about the Stocco wines and the Stocco Magnum wine case.

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