Sunday, December 16, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Robbox Tools Has in Its Arsenal an Astonishingly Capable, Award-Winning Driver

The Robbox Tools Driver comes in white and black. Images from Robbox website.

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could use a driver. Could you use a driver? Methinks that most of us can. And I am not talking about someone to ferry me or you, you, you and you around the town.

No, I speak of the award-winning, patent-pending gadget from Canada-based Robbox Tools. The mission of this outfit, from the horse's mouth: “to innovate for safety. We are making hand tools safer, smarter and more efficient with the use of robotics, AI and other advanced technology.”

Mission complete with the new driver. It is a hand-held tool that takes repurposing to other, better levels. With the use of a mobile phone and various attachments, the driver can be used to achieve all manner of tasks around the home, garden and workshop.

Mop jet attachment.

The wonder tool – depending on the attachment – can become a scrubber (on various surfaces), trim hedeges, drill and do grinding work.

The driver was another discovery that Yours Truly made last month at CES Unveiled in New York (Consumer Electronics Show, the kick off to CES Las Vegas next month). The Tetra Countertop Dishwasher also impressed my socks off,

Hedge trimmer attachment.

To reiterate, the driver's capabilities go far beyond repurposing the coffee cup to hold paper clips, pens and pencils. Or transforming a shallow candle holder into a storage bin for hairpins and makeup brushes.

The driver, winner of the 2018 Pinnacle Innovation Award from the United Inventors Association Of America (UIA), can also be used to vacuum, do pressure washing as a garden tool and become a skill saw in the workshop.

Scrubber attachment.

Professionals can avail themselves of the Robbox Robotic Driver/Drill, featuring digital motor, intelligent communication, built-in measuring system, Bluetooth.

The p.r. says it all: “Reduce your storage space and investment cost using one Robbox robotic tool to complete any home, garden or workshop project. Robbox attachments will help you eliminate the need to purchase multiple tools, batteries and chargers.”

Floor vacuum attachment.

One tool. Many purposes. Just sayin’.

Visit to learn more about the Robbox Tools Driver.

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