Thursday, December 20, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Joining the Big-Screen, Flat-Screen Television World With a Sceptre

The 50-inch Sceptre television has many attractive features. And the price is right. Images from Sceptre website.

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would the holidays be without a buying recommendation
from "real deal" Neil?

Decided to join the world and go big-screen TV. Also embarrassed to admit I’ve just stepped up to wireless Internet at mi casa. Spectrum offered streamable speed access for $20 a month.

Having missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I was tipped off to an $189 active sale at Walmart for a 50-inch Sceptre TV. Final price $206 delivered in two days.

Sceptre is lightweight (under 25 pounds ) and super thin (flat).

That’s not all, though. Consider some of the bang I got for my buck(s): Surround sound, LED (of course), MEMC 120 (auto-enhanced picture quality; good for action scenes), MHL (allows streaming from smartphones / devices to Spectre). And it’s green (Energy Star V7.0)

Such a deal!

Visit to learn more about Sceptre and where to purchase its products.

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