Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Do a Happy Dance:   A Couple More (Mac and Macarons) Popular Options for the Vegan and/or Gluten-Free Set 


gluten-free consuming, time-constrained, health-conscious individuals, rejoice! There are two more options to add to your meal plan: a savory and a dessert.

It is safe to say that macaroni and cheese (or mac&cheese or simply, mac) has been having a moment these last few years.

This comfort food dish is a popular item on many a menu at restaurants, events and grocery aisles, though not often enough as a vegan, gluten-free option.

Now another company making it so is Chickapea, with its Organic Vegan Mac. Chickapea is the pasta company founded by onetime health food store owner Shelby Taylor.

Its mission is to make available nutritious, delicious, easy-to-make foods for finicky eaters and those with health restrictions and concerns.

The organic vegan mac is, of course, dairy-free. Standing in for cheese is a creamy sweet potato and pumpkin sauce. Some of the other ingredients that make the dish include organic chickpea flour, organic red lentil flour, organic vegan seasoning, organic cauliflower powder and sea salt. Good stuff.

Perhaps after Chickapea’s mac&cheese the meal can proceed to dessert. Just the thing might be Les Macarons Duverger.

These are not your ordinary macarons. Created by Claire Becker, née Duverger, they are made from natural, organic and gluten-free ingredients.

And, yes, they are authentic French macarons. CB began making her confections for friends and family before she scaled up to the general public.

They are available in 20 flavors, not including seasonal varieties such as pumpkin pie. Regular flavors run to Blueberry lavender, Chocolate, Cookies and cream, Hazelnut brittle, Lemon, Orange truffle, Red velvet and Salted caramel.

The macarons also come in quite the splashy color palette (no chemicals) – an elevated version of lemon-yellow and orange-orange – and are a by-product of CB’s background as a painting conservationist.

What more is there to say? Bon appétit!

Visit and to learn more about Chickapea vegan mac and cheese as well as Duverger macarons.

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