Monday, November 15, 2021

Musing on Major Merit of Miniature Smart ForTwo (the Vehicle Formerly Known as SmartCar)

The Smart ForTwo license plate says it all. FULL STOP. Photo by Tamara Beck.


a small reminder from our little Upper East Side neighborhood that halfway around the world the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference recently shuttered.

Literally small. Compact automobiles like Daimler AG’s Smart ForTwo are an asset in the city.

I know we can attribute their role as energy-savers to their diminutive size. But their maneuverability is an asset most rare.

The Smart ForTwo is the envy of the road on the parking-challenged streets of Manhattan. Photo by Tamara Beck.

One of them sports the aptly-named license plate, PARKABLE, which advertises what is to New Yorkers its most valuable attribute.

Space is what we crave. And parking spaces are much prized. We envy those who can squeeze in between the hydrant and bus stop.

Let’s face it, both PARKABLE and the other fellow can slip into spaces your SUV can only admire (and understandably envy) from its spot in the garage.

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