Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Hello Again: Relying on the Power of Cannabis and Other Relaxants to Give Menopause a Chill Pill

"Hello Again sleep" and "Hello Again everyday" are cannabis-based vaginal suppositories that alleviate many of the side effects of menopause. Photo by Jennifer Skog.


too long, menopause has been a punchline and the menopausal the brunt of the joke.

To the more than half of the population subject to its unseasonal cruelties, throwing open an overcoat or demanding that a window be opened is not funny.

Longtime friends, Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas, certainly didn't think so. Instead of joining the laughs, in 2019 they developed two cannabis-based vaginal suppositories with the wellness of women suffering from menopausal side effects in mind.

"Hello Again everyday" can be used (inserted) daily for a sharper mind, regulation of hot flashes and hydration down there instead of dryness. Meanwhile, "Hello Again sleep" offers the relief of "everyday," plus supports uninterrupted sleep and reduces night sweats.

As the founders' story goes, "Their grandmothers tolerated, their mother's medicated and they created."

October marks World Menopause Awareness Month, amplifying that we no longer laugh at the sufferer.

Cheers to Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas, the founders of the Hello Again products. Image courtesy of Hello Again.

For many, menopause is an exercise in aging. It can occur in women as young as 40 (Hello Again targets women 21 and older). Along with the sudden loss of a reliable thermostat, a woman of a certain age also begins to feel left out sexually.

Hello Again suppositories combat some of these more annoying side effects using a bevy of natural ingredients. They contain oils and extracts like Hops, Rose geranium, Chamomile, Neroli oil and Valerian root.

And there is also the addition of the cannibals compounds, THC and CBD. In combination, they promise a daily path to "Clear mind. Good moods. Less sweat."

Relying on Hello Again, this reporter wore a sweater during the day all day. Overnight, I slept peacefully. No sweat.

A clear mind in the woman's version of a midlife crisis might curtail impulse-buying. In crisis mode, for instance, she is less likely than her husband to buy a red Porsche to ease the pain.

And real – not just real psychic – pain can certainly be one of the traits of "the change." Along with the world famous hot flashes, moodiness and depression are definitely involved. Sleep deprivation may add to the anxieties menopause brings. Vaginal dryness may render sex more painful than pleasurable.

When these changes happen, it is wise to look toward meditation or deep breathing, yoga or other exercises that reduce stress. Women facing this natural decline in reproductive hormones are well advised to take care of themselves.

"Hello Again sleep" and "Hello Again everyday" are cannibas-based suppositories that are inserted into and that dissolve inside the vagina. One is for use at night and the other is for daily use. Image courtesy of Hello Again.

Hello Again offers a lifeline. The company's motto is just the self-care advice you need while in the throes of menopause: "FEEL LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN."

Visit https://helloagainproducts.com to learn more about "Hello Again everyday" and Hello Again sleep."

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