Wednesday, October 6, 2021

'WhyHunger's Drum Together' Is a Recipe for Drumming Out Hunger, With Backup From an Epic (E-P-I-C!) Group of Percussionists


a treat!

It swings; it's jazzy and sassy. The symphony is in da house, rockin' out! On The Beatles' classic, "Come Together." See the 10-plus minute video above.

All of these organic ingredients make up "WhyHunger's Drum Together." It is the latest iteration (having debuted on 4 Oct.) of uber-famous musicians united for an uber-worthy cause: ending hunger (again).

See/hear it and do make a donation:

What sets "Drum Together" apart from all of the fine efforts that have preceded it, however, is the percussionists, mostly drummers. They – rather than singers – are the centerpiece on this cover featuring more than 100 recording artists. Yes, the percussionists are the frontmen / frontpersons.

We're talking: Ringo Starr, Cindy Blackman Santana, Steve Gadd, Brian Frasier-Moore, Chad Smith, Max Weinberg, Jonathan Moffett. Plus, the future represented by 11-year-old phenom Nandi Bushell.

Meanwhile, lest we forget, the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed many fissures in the global society such as hunger and food insecurity. A shame, since it is fairly common knowledge that enough food is produced to adequately feed the world.

All funds raised through "WhyHunger's Drum Together" will go toward ending hunger through various entry points.

Cindy Blackman Santana is among the drummers featured on the cover of “Come Together” in support of “WhyHunger’s Drum Together” fundraiser. Photo courtesy of Gretsch Drums.

As much of the world is still living through a global pandemic, the performance of "Come Together" is virtual. But no less engaging and entertaining, thanks to the production prowess (Dakota Lupo, take a bow for your fine video editing, among other work on this affair) of the team helmed by Tony winner Brian Resnik and veteran drummer Don Famularo aka the global ambassador for his instrument. The duo is also the creative force behind "Drum Together."

It's funky. Bluesy, baby. It's all good. It feeds the soul!

Come together RIGHT NOW ... to end HUNGER!

Visit to learn more about WhyHunger's Drum Together.

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