Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Week at Lincoln Center ... It's ON!

Nicholas K, above and below, opens Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with familiar fare. "Project Runway" Season 7 contestants Jay Nicolas Sario and Mila Hermanovski have clearly kissed and made up. Top photos/Getty Images; bottom photo/Yours Truly.

HEAD'S UP: Just like last time, the plan each day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is to give a roundup of the best (and worse where applicable) and most interesting Yours Truly witnesses, from shows to trends to sightings to the rather unusual/bizarre. Mind, this won’t be a comprehensive list simply because I can’t be everywhere. But depend on it, I’ll do my best. Drum roll, please …

Day 1 (SOME of the players at the tents and elsewhere): Nicholas K, "Project Runway," Ruffian, Anne Bowen, Bensoni, Mara Hoffman, Candela, Concept Korea, Christian Siriano, Verrier, Daniel Vosovic

WITH Nicholas K's chill, urban, easy world view, Spring 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week kicked off from its new home at Lincoln Center. Designers Christopher and Nicholas Kunz's uber hip collection fits nicely at Lincoln Center, if it is a little casual. But this is casualness with sophistication and edge and without a bad attitude.

The color scheme is vintage Nicholas K: mainly grey, muted brown/green khaki and creme. While they are not the colors most readily associated with spring, the shapes are definitely on-season. No reinventing any wheels here, but the Nicholas K customer will be pleased and can shop the line with an eye toward enhancing what's already in the closet/drawer.

Next out of the gate: "Project Runway." The excitement in the Stage is palpable. Several contestants are in the house. There's the loquacious Anthony Williams (Season 7) charming and wowing the worshipful crowd with his Southern hospitality vibe. We take a bad picture together, and he informs Yours Truly that he is working on a new line and has a number of projects in the loop, "but I can't talk about them because they're not official. I don't want nobody comin' after me talkin' about plagarism," he confides, referring to my previous query about whether he was just signing his name to copies of Tim Gunn's new book, "Gunn's Golden Rules" inside the rather heavy gift bag.

I am promoted to a seat closer to the front - right next to Jay Nicolas Sario. I ask Himself whether I know him. Then the light turns on, but not before he gives me to know that I may know him because he looks like some other Asian - because, of course, all Asians look the same. I assure him that he is wrong and explain why I know that all Asians or blacks or blondes don't all look alike.

"Most of the time we just scan over people," says JS. He's flying back to the West Coast to continue working magic on his Spring 2011 line, which will show in Miami, San Francisco and Portland, Oregon and a few other points - but not New York. "But when we really look at them we see them for the people they are."

Sitting next to Jay is his former nemesis from Season 7 - Mila Hermanovski. She's wearing a (of course) b&w dress and a smashing silver YSL collar necklace. It costs some people $1,000.00, but MH copped hers at an outlet for a lot, lot less. Not surprisingly, she is also working on her Spring 2011 collection. Naturally it is b&w.

"There's also a little color - some chartreuse and aqua to shock people who think I only do black and white." And a shock of color in honor of spring, she concurs to my leading question.

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