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Did You Lose the Keys to Your H.O.M.E.?

You can have your burger and eat it, too. Make sure, though, that the beef comes from healthy cows. Photo from Whole Foods Market.


"WISDOM is your perspective on life, your sense of balance, your understanding of how the various parts and principles apply and relate to each other." Steven R. Covey (“The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People”)

LET'S face it. Our lives have become so goal-driven, results-oriented, packed with deadlines and appointments that we have lost the keys to our H.O.M.E.

Getting in touch with emotions is an effective way to achieve goals and to get rid of bad habits. Photo from Dreamstime.

You're probably thinking, "OK, NYC Healthy Chick what are you about here?" It's real simple actually. When I started my practice a few years ago I came up with a principle called Joy Begins at H.O.M.E. :
H - Healthy Living
O - Optimal Nutrition
M - Mediation
E - Exercise

Practice this principle daily and you will become mindful of what's missing in your life and what is causing the imbalances. The real challenge arises once you identify the causes.

Often, we are entrenched in old beliefs, thinking patterns and behaviors that adversely affect our relationships, careers and physical and spiritual practices. We become overwhelmed; stuck. Slowly, we begin dying inside just a little each day. Sounding familiar?

A little personal investigation will reveal those heavy loads that are weighing us down. Photo from Dreamstime.

Stop! Pause here and take the NYC Healthy Chick Quick Self-Assessment Test.
(Think about one area of your H.O.M.E. you wish to improve.)
1. What's working?
2. What shapes me?
3. Why I do what I do?
4. How does this serve me?
5. How can I do it better?

Now think about all the excuses and reasons you failed in the past at having better health and wellness, an ideal relationship, career, physical activity or a spiritual practice (not religious).

As an example, below, are a few reasons we fail to achieve permanent weight loss:
1. Didn’t have enough time to exercise;
2. Didn't have enough money to join a gym, hire a personal trainer or health coach;
3. Didn't know enough about how to lose weight;
4. Didn't have the right support;
5. Didn't know how or what to eat and drink.

There are keys to your home and there are keys to your H.O.M.E. Photo from Locksmiths Phoenix.

According to Tony Robbins, one of my ultimate favorite gurus, these all may be true. Further, these claims are about missing resources but they are not the defining factor for failure. What's missing? A few things actually:
Decision: it's the ultimate power in any area of our lives;
State: our emotional and physical states;
Why: our reason for our decision to improve;
Plan: the steps we take each day to get us closer to our goal;
Tools: the right systems, actions, practices, habits;
Mentor: someone who has successfully achieved it whom we can follow.

Now, think back to a time when you were a kid. You wanted something so bad, like a dog or new bike or dress. You had no access to any resources, except you tapped into your emotions, and you knew with all your heart you would have it. Remember being certain, laser-focused, determined, passionate, resolved and very creative in achieving that very thing.

Mine was in the 7th grade when I bugged my mother to death for a pair of clogs. Hey, it was 1980, cut me some slack will yah! Don't you understand? I had to have them because Kelly, my BFF, had them and they were so en vogue that year.

Hitting important targets encourages us in our quest to have overall wellness. Photo from Free Coupons.

How phenomenal was this? Through the power of my own human emotion, as a 7th-grader at Clinton Junior High School, I achieved the unimaginable! Tony Robbins says when we have the right human emotion we can do anything we want. It must also meet one or more of our six human needs which are: (1) Certainty (2) Uncertainty/Variety (3) Significance (4) Connection&Love (5) Growth (6) Contribution.

After my near-death experience in 2004, I knew without a doubt my mission was to get healthy in all areas of my life (mind, body, spirit, financially, career, relationships, food). How? I didn't know. I simply made the decision to get there. I took all the negative and positive human emotions I experienced during a very difficult time in my life and made a decision to get healthy. I just knew I had to do this for me and for others.

Gradually, I started implementing upgrades to all areas of my life. It started with my diet. Breakfast consisted of pancakes or French toast with sausage every morning. OMG! Talk about food-itis. I made a healthier choice like A Better Breakfast Pita Pocket (http:// It was still enjoyable, not to mention I don't get food-itis after eating it.

A pita with vegetables and eggs is a good breakfast alternative to pancakes and bacon or sugary cereal. Photo from Whole Foods Market.

Typically, lunch was a hamburger on a processed white-bread bun with French fries. I switched to a healthier version like the Apple & Cheddar Grass Fed Beef Burger – only I would 86 the bun and put it atop healthy mixed greens (

Dinner – um, well I was known as the "Order in Chick." All the delivery people in my 'hood knew me by my first name. VERY SCARY! I started cooking something light and healthy, yet hearty enough to keep me from gnawing my arm off before bedtime from hunger pangs. Something like Spiced Lamb & Lentils with Cucumber-Tahini would hit the spot, not mention the fact that it is even better the second time around. (

This lamb/lentils dish is hearty and better the second time around. Photo from Whole Foods Market.

My transformation started with the decision to change. These gradual changes that started with my diet made me feel better. I had more natural energy and the stamina to exercise, plus to do other things that matter to me. Eventually, I reintroduced regular forms of exercise and mediation into my regimen. Next thing I know, I'm enrolled in health-coaching school and a personal training academy. It all resulted from my commitment to change myself and inspire others to follow.

Before I close I want to make one thing clear: I'm still a long way from where I want to be in all areas of my life. And let me tell you, I finally figured out that my journey is to be here for growth, contribution, connection, love, significance, variety and certainty.

Getting up every day and practicing a sassy, juicy and balanced lifestyle is my way of becoming the change I wish to see in our world. Remember, nothing worth doing is ever easy. I believe in you and so can you – all you have to do is make the ultimate decision.

You have the keys; open the door to your H.O.M.E.

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  1. I definitely live a sassy~juicy~healthy life. And although my eating habits are not terribly bad, through the years I have gained weight. Most recently with the help of NYC Healthy Chick I am transforming my body through cleansing which is allowing my body to metabolize the healthy foods that I now eat.


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