Monday, March 25, 2013

'When Fashion Danced': Stephen Burrows Take a Bow

Some of these Stephen Burrows designs want to do a little dance. Photos by Yours Truly.

21 March 2013/NEW YORK – THE colors are as vibrant as they were 40-plus years ago. The designs are current. In fact, they are timeless. Craft is palpable. This is art.

“When Fashion Danced” is a retrospective of the work of designer Stephen Burrows. The exhibit, billed as the first major examination of the designer’s pioneering work, was unveiled at a spirited party Thursday night at the Museum of the City of New York. SB was in the house, and the extent of his public remarks were approximately, "Thank you." He tends to let his work do the jawing.

Still in style but from yesteryear.

The title of the exhibit references an SB trademark. That is sexy, slinky frocks that many of the rich and famous boogied down in at Studio 54. On view through 28 July, “When Fashion Danced” tracks SB’s start in the ‘60s designing for friends before joining Henri Bendel. After Bendel, he struck out on his own and would go on to design for some famous folk who would become friends – people with names like Cher, Diana and Liza.


Visit to learn more about “When Fashion Danced.”

Winehouse Foundation & Friends Keep Music Alive

Tony Bennett before he received a very special award from the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Photos by Charles Norfleet.

21 March 2013/NEW YORK – AMY Winehouse died young but she lived her dream.

That is essentially what Tony Bennett asserted during his acceptance speech after receiving a lifetime achievement award at the first Amy Winehouse Foundation Inspiration Awards and Gala.

The singer, who was 27 when she died from alcohol poisoning in 2011, may be gone but she won’t be soon forgotten if Thursday night’s jollification at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel is any indication.

SaLaAM ReMi did not escape the notice of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The celebration attracted high-wattage names from various sectors. Harry Belafonte presented the award to TB. Jennifer Hudson brought the house down and got ‘em on their feet. Sean Lennon, son of John&Yoko showed as did Kiera Chaplin, granddaughter of Charlie.

KC is also the Amy Winehouse Foundation world ambassador. Celebrating, too, were a pair of pageant queens, as well as award recipient SaLaAM ReMi.

Soon after the singer’s death her family went to work creating the foundation that bears her name. Its mission is around music therapy and education for children, as well as working to prevent alcohol and drug abuse.

Mitch Winehouse, father of Amy, has his hands full with Nana Meriwether, Miss USA and Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe.

TB, one of the coolest octogenarians on the planet, said of the deceased singer with whom he shares a Grammy: "Even though she had a short life, she had a great life because she ended up praying for the success that she wanted and it happened. This is what this night is about."

Visit to learn more about the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Amy Winehouse Foundation Inspiration Awards and Gala. Rx

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