Saturday, March 23, 2013

Alive With Sights, Sounds of India at Macy's Flower Show

This guy is pretty pleased with himself lounged amongst the flora in the Macy's Flower Show. Photos by Yours Truly.

ONE of the first things that will greet visitors to the 39th Annual Macy’s Flower Show in New York City tomorrow is a 10-foot-tall elephant dressed to the nines.

And for good reason: the show, titled “The Painted Garden,” is “inspired by” India. Hints of that beautiful, mysterious country are redolent in flowers, spices and objects throughout. Pretty incredible that year after year that some of the country’s best floral designers can force plants, trees and flowers to exist in such exquisite, colorful unison.

Enter the tent set up next door to the Macy’s Herald Square flagship store and you will be immediately transported to a faraway place where nothing exists but time and beauty. It is a welcome and inviting respite from the business, bustling big city.

The elephant is dressed for the show.

New York won’t have all of the fun with what has become an annual rite of spring everywhere it has flourished. The Macy’s Flower Show, which is free and open to the public until 7 April, will also be an attraction at flagship stores in four other cities.

There is Center City in Philadelphia, State Street in Chicago, Union Square in San Francisco, as well as Downtown Minneapolis, the Macy’s location that is the granddaddy of all of the flower shows.

For the second consecutive year the New York show has been staged in a tent because of store renovations, leaving organizers with far less space to work with. They scaled downed from 100,000 square feet to approximately 6,000.

There's less to these spices than meets the eye.

“Yet when you’re in here you don’t feel like anything is missing,” show producer Robin Hall asserted yesterday during a press preview of the space.

Less is more.

Visit to learn more about the Macy’s Flower Show. Rx

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