Sunday, September 29, 2013

NYFF 51 Day 3: 'Le Week-End' Almost Sinks a Marriage

HEAD’S UP: The 51st New York Film Festival is off to the races, and so are we. This year, we borrow a page from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York coverage, which borrowed a page from Twitter ( To that end, all film reviews / comments will be 100 words or less. Yes, 100. Or less. Ready? Lights. Camera. ACTION! ...

IN Roger Michell’s “Le Week-End,” a British couple journeys to Paris to celebrate 30 years of marriage.

Enter Meg (the illustrious Lindsay Duncan who also appears in “About Time,” which has its North American premiere at The 51st New York Film Festival) and Nick (Jim Broadbent.)

They spend the weekend bickering about nothing to the point of a breech, forcing circumstances to intervene in a most delightful way. Minutiae-heavy “Le Week-End,” in its U.S. premiere today, teeters toward boring but is saved by energy-bearing Jeff Goldblum as a colleague of university professor, Nick.

Here’s a one for folks over 50.

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