Tuesday, February 24, 2015

@ENK Coterie Day 1: Alegory Can Kick Up Many Heels With One Pump; Arricci's Curves and Love Jones for Brazil

Photos by Yours Truly.

HEADS UP: Though Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week have folded tents, closed doors, turned off lights and MBFW has hared off to Europe, there is still plenty of fashion showcasing ongoing in The Big Apple. Yards and garbs of it. In two words, ENK Coterie. It is a part of ENK International, one of the world's leading fashion trade shows with several topical shows under its umbrella aside from Coterie. They include Accessories Circuit and Intermezzo Collections. ENK Coterie's focus is mainly women's apparel and accessories. Rather than, say, 20 shows a day over eight days, a la fashion week, the proposition is 3 days (23-25 Feb.), 3 levels, more than 1,400 designers and thousands of buyers from more than 95 countries, plus the media. And at least seven major categories, including evening wear and shoes. At the Javits Convention Center. Because we at VEVLYN'S PEN have just come off of fashion week, commenting mainly on clothes, we will have our say in our ENK Coterie debut about a few shoe brands over the next three days.

SAME shoe, different heel. It begs the question why heretofore, throngs of shoe designers have not created such a one. Yet, as far as can determined only Paris-based Alegory and one other French label have come away from the design war room with this one.

The Alegory heel can come off (top) and stays on (right). Photo from Alegory Web site.

New to the market, Alegory is making its U.S. debut at ENK Coterie. The concept is simple: Take a basic pump and create several different heels in different heights and colors to fit it. Each pair of shoes comes with two different heels choices. They range from the classic skinny heel to the short and slightly chunky. Convertible clothing. Why not convertible shoes?



ASKED to give a 30-second elevator pitch about Arricci, its New York rep Tony Ramo launches into an overview that includes some important keywords phrases: Made in Brazil and New on the Market.

The L.A.-based brand embarks on its third season with its Fall-Winter 2015 collection. It is a competent mix of boots, booties and shoes in the colors of the seasons, anchored by taupe and tan and, of course, black.

Though these are not showstoppers, they are engaging, well-constructed, all-leather on-trend essentials. Arricci, a playful take on the Italian word for “curl” – hence the curvature of many of its creations – is carried by Nordstrom and Anthropologie, “but they are going fast,” TR warns.

Leather lovelies: Boots, booties and loafers from the Fall-Winter 2015 Arricci collection. Photo by Yours Truly.

At the moment, Arricci's mission it to create shoes that it hopes stand out and make Brazil a buzzword in shoe craft. Asserts TR, “We like the fact that we are using that Brazilian craftsmanship and bringing it back to the market.”

Visit http://www.enkshows.com/ to learn more about ENK Coterie and all of the shows produced by ENK International; visit http://www.arricci.com/ to learn more about Arricci; visit http://www.alegory.com/ to learn more about Alegory.

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