Thursday, March 5, 2015

'Women - Hyphenated': Ellen Tracy and Ambassador Paula Patton Pay Homage to the Many Splendid Facets of Women

ELLEN Tracy, 65, has a new attitude. A new look. A new Yahoo! documentary debuting today.

And a new face that belongs to actress Paula Patton. Watch "Women - Hyphenated​," a collaboration of the label, lady and online Web site, for now. (See video above).

Later, read about the Ellen Tracy Spring 2015 collection (available now, including at,

Also tune in for some morsels from PP's tête-à-tête with Yours Truly, including why she chose to wear the dress in the photo below.

Paula Patton at New York City's The Slylark, got up in the Windowpane organza fit & flare dress from Ellen Tracy Spring 2015, with other ensembles from the new collection. Michael Simon /

And, pray tell, why she has thrown in with Ellen Tracy.

It went down last night at a soirée at the rooftop lounge, The Skylark. It was the place!

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