Thursday, June 17, 2021

Keeping a Cool Head and Looking Even Cooler, Because These Hats Are Eco-Friendly


The Stevie for men from YELLOW 108, here and below. DETAILS and PURCHASE INFO:


weather is here in many places and the living is easy (as suggested in the famous tune by Gershwins&Co.).

Therefore, you will be spending more time outdoors – especially if you have been fully vaxxed. In the sun. Where you will need all manner of protection from its harmful rays. One word, then: hat.

A covered head can help protect you from any number of discomforts, including dizziness and migraines. Plus, hats can make you look cool and chic. Definitely a win-win. But whaddaya say to a win-win-win?

Yes? Good. It's simple. When you go hat shopping, patronize brands that are committed to making hats and all of their products in an eco-friendly manner. No worries. We have curated some brands for you. They are listed below. All you have to do is point, click and await delivery.

You are making a good decision. Because you have experienced and/or witnessed enough wild, weird, wacky weather to believe that something is amiss. To that end, if the environmentalists are right about climate change and all it engenders for our planet, then the least you can do is shop responsibly, no?

Off you go then ...


Mirabelle Orange for women from Pachacuti. DETAILS and PURCHASE INFO:


Organic button hat (unisex) from United by Blue. DETAILS and PURCHASE INFO:


Made in the Shade for women from Accompany. DETAILS and PURCHASE INFO:


Cannes bucket hat for women from Vitamin A. DETAILS and PURCHASE INFO:


Hydra (unisex) from G.VITERI. DETAILS and PURCHASE INFO:


Festival (unisex) from Tentree. DETAILS and PURCHASE INFO:


Round Top (in pale green) for women from Equal Uprise. DETAILS and PURCHASE INFO:


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